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You may (of course your do) know more than I do, but you don't know everything. I don't care who you are.

Listen, Learn, and Help a Fabulous Musician

This one isn’t free, but it’s as close to free as you can get. For the price of a coffee (more or less — depending on your jam), you can get yourself a classical music education (no, not a degree, come on!!) from a real, live musician (and an all around fantastic person): Casey Bozell.

The Stories Behind the Art

The Art Institute of Chicago is building some super cool interactive pages through which you can learn detailed information about some of their holdings. Just today I learned how armor was made. Go learn!

Take Your Kids (or yourself) to the Met!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art may be locatedin NYC, but you can still explore and learn. Don’t take my word for it: click.

The Greatest Website on…the Web

If you have not visited Archive.org, you really should. I have been a fan for a very long time. Archive.org is an archive (duh) with millions of free books, movies, games, software, music, photos, concerts, and more. The Way Back Machine keeps a history of millions of websites. The oldest sites are the best — the ones that existed before major CMSs and before sites were largely (or completely) dynamic (pages built on-demand instead of stored as stand alone files). I found my elementary school reading textbooks in the archives. I am serious. Visit this site and have fun.


The National Archives website is another really cool site. Learn about the past through the documents of the times: presidential papers, newspapers, journals, photographs, letters, military registries, and more. If you become a Citizen Archivist (it’s free and there are no requirements — participate when you want as little or as much as you want). Dig in.

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