Card #88:
John Lennon's Stamp Collection

Date created: July 31, 2020
Date mailed: August 1, 2020
Received? yes

COVID Card 88

Image Description

Most of the imagery is from stamps in John Lennon’s stamp album.

In the upper left corner, there is a sort of lacy structure. This is an interpretation of a portion of the Union Jack as seen in the upper left corner of a 10 cent Canadian stamp.

10 cent Canadian Stamp

Below that is a structure inspired by the Shannon dam as seen on this stamp from Ireland.

Irish Stamp

The long, horn-shaped object to the right of the damn and flag was inspired by this stamp from Uganda:

Ugandan Stamp

To the lower right of the horn is a pillared structure with a pyramid roof. It comes from the New Zealand stamp:

New Zealand Stamp

Behind that structure, and wrapping around to the right edge of the card, are structures from this Moroccan stamp.

Moroccan Stamp

Special Note

This is the first of all Sketchy Spaces (COVID Card, Tiny Terrains, Square Spaces, etc) that I was tempted to add color to. It's also the first that I outlined in ink completely before starting to shade. When just outlined, it reminded me (a bit) of the artwork for the Yellow Submarine. I think that's why I considered coloring it.

Easter Eggs

This card has one or more secrets. Can you find them? Here's a hint:

There is an image in the card that is based on a personal item of Lennon.
Reveal another hint.
Hint 2:
The item is very iconic and seeing it alone evokes thoughts of Lennon.
Reveal the final hint.
Hint 3:
The item undoubtedly helped Lennon focus.
Reveal the answer.
One lens and the bridge from Lennon's glasses are in the upper left.


Postal Museum
John Lennon's Green (Stamp) Album
Smithsonian Magazine
John Lennon's Stamp Collection

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