Card #79:

Date created: July 22, 2020
Date mailed: July 23, 2020
Received? unknown

COVID Card 79

Image Description

This card features imagery from the 6 US semi-postal stamps.

In the lower left is a head (it’s supposed to look more like part of the landscape, but it looks more like a head) from the Alzheimers Research stamp. A bridge from the head leads to a plant (similar to that featured on the PTSD awareness stamp). Behind and to the right of the plant is a building modeled on the image from the breast cancer research stamp (the ribbon-shaped building is also a reference to breast cancer). The child-like house and flower are inspired by the domestic violence awareness stamp. The circle containing the recurring COVID Card landscape motif is meant to evoke the pupil in the eye of the tiger (heh, heh) from the endangered species act (the landscape elements around the pupil echo those in the stamp). The landscape in the pupil contains a silhouette similar to the World Trade Center, representing the FEMA stamp.

Easter Eggs

This card has one or more secrets. Can you find them? Here's a hint:

All six US semi-postals (to-date) are represented.
Reveal another hint.
Hint 2:
Major structures (except the ribbon) are very similar to images appearing on the stamps.
Reveal the final hint.
Hint 3:
One stamp is represented by a larger part of the landscape; one by a tiny detail.
Reveal the answer.
See the image description.


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