Card #66:
Early Mail Fraud

Date created: July 9, 2020
Date mailed: July 10, 2020
Received? yes

COVID Card 66

Image Description

On a hill in the upper left is a belt with a building-shaped shadow, a snake’s tongue shoots out from the end of the belt. In the late 1800s, “snake oil salesman” offered all kinds of miracle cures and fantastic items — like belts the made the wearer invisible. So, you see (no pun intended), the belt is really around a building, you just can’t see it — but you can see its shadow. Fake lottery tickets were another popular scam. The lottery ticket in this drawing is a door to a cave or tunnel in the hill. Cheap watches were also popular with scam artists. A (snake oil?) bottle-shaped building sits atilt with a clock face on it.

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