Card #52:
Zip Codes and POSTNET

Date created: June 25, 2020
Date mailed: June 26, 2020
Received? yes

COVID Card 52

Image Description

An open zipper creates two hills revealing the recurring landscape motif with tree and mountains. Buildings on the left hold a secret.

Easter Eggs

This card has one or more secrets. Can you find them? Here's a hint:

There is a hidden figure (but not literally) in the card.
Reveal another hint.
Hint 2:
The hidden figure has to do with POSTNET.
Reveal the final hint.
Hint 3:
The buildings hold the key (or should I say code).
Reveal the answer.
Each building is tall or short. The tall-short combination creates the POSTNET bars for the number 52 (the card number).


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