Card #5:
45's Betrayal

Date created: May 9, 2020
Date mailed: May 11, 2020
Received? yes

COVID Card 5

Image Description

The focal point of the card is the somewhat futuristic dome-shaped building. It is a sort of 3D rendering (in 2D media…very sketchy) of a postage cancellation stamp (note the wavy chimneys or smoke stacks, a couple of which are broken in true sketchy fashion). The windows and door form a sort of face with a gaping mouth. Above the door is the date 1775 (the year we got our first US Postmaster General). A mask-shaped wall with the year 2020 written on it stands in front of the building — out of reach of the gaping mouth. The building itself is empty. Next to the building is a mailbox flag with the US flag painted on it. It is solid and unwavering. No breeze with flap that b… In the far right background, we see a single tree and some mountains — perhaps suggesting that we’ve moved to the left (not politically, silly) from the space in Card 4. Finally, far, far from the reach of the empty postal-themed building, we have silhouettes of the White House, Washington Monument, and US Capitol Building. Perhaps the monument is like an erect middle finger as the Federal government says eff you to the USPS — or maybe not. It’s all very sketchy.

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