COVID Card #220

December 11, 2020 | 0 comments

Twenty years after the first Hanukkah stamp was issued, a new Hanukkah stamp debuted in Boca Raton, Florida. Previous Hanukkah stamps debuted in the Northeast. By 2016, however, Boca Raton had a sizable Jewish population and thus Temple Beth El in Boca Raton received the honor.

The rest of the post has nothing to do with the card. It’s just a personal story. You’ve been warned.

In 2003, I was in Boca Raton for a Pat Metheny concert (that’s another story). 2003 was also the 30th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. Among the many snarky buttons on my purse was a serious one that read “Save Roe at 30.” We went into a fancy little shoe store where an elderly lady sat getting fitted for shoes. She saw my purse and said, in a very New York (to me) accent, “Dear, dear, come here.” Of course, I did. She scrutinized my buttons and said, “Roe? Roe? Is that Roe vs Wade?” And I thought, “here we go…” I said, “Yes, ma’am.” She smiled up at me, patted my hand, and said, “Good girl.” It’s easy for the young to forget that the elderly were here first.

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The United States Postal Service has been hit hard by the pandemic. Controlling elements of the Federal Government (the president and Republican Senate) do not want to provide aid to the service. So, it’s up to us. It may seem insignificant, but if we all sent just a few letters a week, we could help ensure that our daily, free mail delivery service continues. For the past (see the card number above) days, I have drawn a card each day and mailed it to someone the next day (none are sent on Sundays; two are sent on Mondays). Please consider mailing cards and letters while we still can for 55 cents (first class letter postage). If the USPS fails, you could find it costs $8 or more to send a letter. And that’s just one of the ways we will all lose if the USPS shuts down.

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