COVID Card #145

September 27, 2020 | 0 comments

I have to say that I’m a bit excited about this card. Not because I think it is some stellar work of art. Not because I am about to reveal the coolest, most fascinating bit of postal trivia. Not because I discovered some mind-blowing post office muralist. I am excited about this card because of its utter randomness.

This weekend, we said good-bye to a former neighbor by scattering her ashes in Puget Sound. It was her wish. Fortunately, I have a friend who lives in Indianola, Washington, which is on the Sound. After we in-urned (actually, there was no urn — so I guess that isn’t the right term) Maria into the Sound, we went back to my friend’s house where he showed me his “cold smoker.” No, it is not a crabby ancient aunt who chain smokes. It is a TOTALLY SKETCHY home made device used for making cured meats like bacon and prosciutto. And do you know…DO YOU KNOW?? what part of the device is made from? That’s right. A mail box. Here, take a look:

Do not disparage the easily amused, for our lives are rich and full of joy.

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The United States Postal Service has been hit hard by the pandemic. Controlling elements of the Federal Government (the president and Republican Senate) do not want to provide aid to the service. So, it’s up to us. It may seem insignificant, but if we all sent just a few letters a week, we could help ensure that our daily, free mail delivery service continues. For the past (see the card number above) days, I have drawn a card each day and mailed it to someone the next day (none are sent on Sundays; two are sent on Mondays). Please consider mailing cards and letters while we still can for 55 cents (first class letter postage). If the USPS fails, you could find it costs $8 or more to send a letter. And that’s just one of the ways we will all lose if the USPS shuts down.

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