In reviewing Color Our Collections coloring books and deciding which are worthy of posting, I occasionally find books that are just too bizarre to be allowed. I was going to give these (the amusing ones anyway — well, those that are amusing to me anyway — and let’s be honest, I am very easily amused) their own category, but having 80,000 categories is too sketchy even for me. So, instead, I’m adding “WTF Edition” to the titles of the, uh, special book posts. I’m also going to add a note like this (in the off chance that someone actually looks at these things and considers downloading them for kids):

Parental Warning: If your kid/s can read and you aren’t ready to talk about sexually transmitted diseases or divorce, you might want to skip this one.

This book is from the institution with the longest name in the history of institutions (that’s probably not true): The Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. It wins the top prize in the “WTF Were you thinking?” category with its cover image telling us that syphilis wrecks marriages. It has one quite colorable and a couple of tolerably colorable pages.


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