Virtual Travel

We live in amazing, unprecedented times…blah, blah, and the final blah. As I write this, much of the country (the not-so-United States) is under lockdown because of a global pandemic. Many of us have time on our hands. Many have kids at home. Many are paralyzed with fear about their future. Through the magic (and sometimes annoyance) that is technology, we can travel without moving (though I really recommend that you move around a bit). Museums, theaters, gardens, even architecturally significant buildings have created virtual tours for us to take — free of charge — without leaving our homes. Never before have so many places been accessible to us. Some of my favorites can be found here.

Friday Favorite: Kenneth Josephson

It looks like I ran out of scheduled Friday Favorite posts, which is just as well. I was just introduced (both literally - via email -- and figuratively - to his art) to photographer Kenneth Josephson. I love his work. Some of it is delightfully sketchy (in ways...

Google Arts & Culture

Love it or hate it, Google does some pretty cool stuff. The Google Arts & Culture project is a non-profit initiative that brings thousands of works of art from hundreds of museums and collections to anyone with an internet-connected device. Never before have art and design been so accessible. Below are links to a selection of museum tours featured at Google Arts & Culture. Don’t let your exploration stop with these links. Follow your curiosity and enjoy the ride.

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