You really get around, don't you? Congrats on finding this page of ridiculous creatures I make for the children and childish adults in my life.

If you like what you see, I probably didn’t make the pattern. I may have made adjustments or alterations, but someone far more adept made the pattern. I try to give credit (look to the bottom of the page), but some of these things are older than my memory.

Note: I am a VERY lazy crocheter. I do not check gauges, I rarely engage in redos. If some (many) of these creatures look strange, demented, like mutants, etc: 1) it’s not the fault of the pattern maker; and 2) they are not real, living things, you know — they are made of yarn.


As of this exact moment (for me, while I’m writing this, not for you as you’re reading it), the following are working links to many (all? most? a few?) of the patterns above. Thanks to the fine people who created the patterns and shared them (usually for free, but fiber artists have to eat, too) with the world. Through them, I have put smiles on many small faces (and some rather large faces, too).


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