Day 336. Netherlands Defeat US in Bid for World Cup

Well-played everyone.

Day 337. Who Pissed in Putin’s Cheerios? Or More Tales of a Small Man

In what was surely a huge shock to all of us, Russia said it would ignore the G7’s price cap on oil.

Day 338. Bob McGrath and Charlie the Cat

Author, musician, and Sesame Street star Bob McGrath died on December 4, 2022. On the same day, we let go our sweet Charlie aka Mr. Snuggle-up-against, Uber-drooling Furry, Tuckered Charleston, Mr. Chuckle-T, Chuck, Chuckie, Charlie Tuna, Sweet Boy, Chocolate Chicken (don’t ask me, that definitely wasn’t mine), Mr. Peebody, etc. I don’t think his first 10 years were all that great (he didn’t live with us), but I hope the last 5 with us made up for it. Here he is with is all-time favorite human.

Day 339. Herschel Loses.

This is what I wanted — but given the shit-show that the House is right now, maybe he should be there.

Day 340. Pedro Castillo.

Power corrupts, PC. See what I did there? It turns out that total power grab attempts don’t always end well. Did you learn nothing, Republicans? Choose an effing Speaker already. One does wonder what we are paying you for.

Dat 341. Religious Freedom.

Missouri Republican Vicky Hartzler was on the verge of tears as she lamented what same sex marriage would do to religious freedom. You got that right. By upholding someone else’s freedom, hers is being taken away. Religious freedom does not mean that you are free to impose your religious views on others you blithering idiot (or vice versa). I know I shouldn’t call her an idiot, She seems to be genuinely afraid. Honestly, though. It’s going to be fine, Vicky. It is only religions like yours that preach that freedom means forcing everyone else to share your views. The rest us just want to have our own and are over-the-moon to let you keep yours.

Day 342. Jule Campbell.

While at its core a man was responsible for Sport Illustrated’s ever-anticipated annual non-sporting Swimsuit Edition (originally called the Sunshine Edition), it was Jule Campbell who made sure we knew the names of those who could have easily been nameless, faceless displayers of impossibly *perfect* bodies. Jule Campbell died on November 19, 2022 at age 96.

Day 343. Joyce Bryant.

Civil rights activist, singer, and dancer, Joyce Bryant died on November 20, 2022 at age 95. While she didn’t need the silver radiator paint in her hair or silver gowns to make her shine, I certainly would have liked to see it. The pictures don’t seem to convey the artistry.

Day 344. Prince Heinrich XIII.

Stop, Heiny, just stop. Overthrow the German government. Where do you come up with this stuff? Did you really think you could do it? Maybe you just needed a free place to live for the rest of your life.

Day 345. Majid Reza Rahnavard.

I do hope there is a hell because if there is, there must be a special place in it for those who murder the young citizens of their country for speaking out in support of fellow citizens. It sends a great message to the rest of the country, doesn’t it? Life here is so great that if you don’t like it, we’ll kill you. If you stick up for your neighbors — you die. Sounds like a fine, fine place to live. Very sane. Very secure. Very prosperous.

Day 346. The Marriage Equality Act.

Yet more steps were taken to ensure that all Americans are free to discover the fresh hell of marriage. Just kidding. I’ve never been married, what would I know? Love is love. Any consenting adults should be able to marry. Why is that so mindblowing?

Day 347. Stephen tWitch Boss.

Ugh. Another death by suicide. I am out of words.

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