With blame on one side (those who believe they’d be rich if it weren’t for brown people coming and taking crap-paying jobs they’d never do anyway) and greed on the other (those who know how much money is to be made off of keeping the other side angry and scared) a wall was conceived.

An unlikely foe, the Monarch butterfly, flapped in the way.

The answer? The “go to” tactic of the decade: turn the butterfly sanctuary (at least in the minds of those on side 1) into yet another hub for child sex-trafficking.

Butterflies rarely fail to be a symbol of some kind. Now they are a symbol of the failing of our children. While real trafficking exists and thrives, those who will do anything to keep the dollars rolling in, use those who actually care about children, to get want they want, stomping over the children and anything else that gets in their way.

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