Day 324. FTX.

It was only a digi moon, hanging over a virtual sea,..

Day 325. Jason David Frank.

We are lucky enough if we know ourselves, we can never truly know another — not entirely. It is especially easy for us to think we know celebrities — whether we think of them as a character they played, a type they are often cast as, the lyrics to their music, their stage presence, their net worth, rumors spread about them by those who’ve worked with them, or sound bytes never meant for our ears. David Jason Frank died from suicide on November 20, 2022.

Day 326. Chesapeake, Virginia.

And then there are those victims of suicide who take others with them. On November 22, 2022, six people were killed at a Wal-Mart in Chesapeake, Virginia (the shooter then killed himself). If we are going to live as though we are in the wild west, perhaps we need to start making people check their guns at the door. USA: Land of the Free…to be killed while shopping, going to a movie, going to school, going to work. Then again, why should we live otherwise than those in countries that suffer from our choices?

Day 327. Jerusalem.

I didn’t really keep notes about these daily drawings. In this case, I was as vague as to simply write, “Jerusalem” on the drawing. Sadly, the obvious answer was to simply google “Jerusalem bombing November 2022.” I won’t take sides on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is plenty of guilt and plenty of suffering to go around. All I will say is that I wish there was a solution that allowed children in that part of the world to grow up and live healthy, productive, peaceful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives; and their parents and loved ones to witness it. It is hard for me to believe that the majority of all human beings do not simply want to live their lives in a reasonably prosperous manner without fear.

Day 328. Museum Heist.

Read all about it.

Day 329. Irene Cara.

I owned the soundtrack to Flashdance on vinyl. I learned (as I imagine many girls of the 1980s did) to take off my bra (I used to wear one) without taking off my shirt from Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. I was probably too young to watch a movie in which one character says, “As a matter-of-fact, I f@%ked his brains out,” but old enough to appreciate, the reply, “Obviously, you did.” Flashdance was my introduction to Irene Cara. I didn’t follow her career as I grew up, but that little chunk of her music will always be part of the soundtrack of my life (another tritism). Irene Cara died on November 25, 2022.

Day 330. Private Public Land.

Millions of acres of public land in the US are surrounded by private land and thus unaccessible by the average citizen. Cough…eminent domain…cough.

Day 331. China Protests.

Chinese citizens protesting extreme COVID restrictions hold up blank pieces of paper to make a statement that is anything but empty.

Day 332. Masafer Yatta.

And here we are in the middle east again with a Palestinian school being torn down. The reason: it was illegally built. We never cease to teach children to hate. I know I don’t understand the situation and can’t judge fairly, but it will always break my heart when children suffer. I can only hope that more children will be enriched as a result of the removal of the school than will suffer because of it. A lot of people need spankings and time outs. Yes, I’m being glib. What else can I do?

Day 333. Christine McVie.

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame died in hospital on November 30, 2022. Maybe I paid more attention in 2022 because of this project, but it seems the world lost a lot of artists last year.

Day 334. Trumps Taxes.

Every day we learn more about Trumps taxes, but on day 334-ish, the House Ways and Means Committee received six years of Trump’s tax returns, and we began to wait for the gorey (or not) details.

Day 335. Owning Justice.

It was a bad week for Trump. Two justices he appointed ruled against a third who had ruled that a “special master” could be a sort of buffer in the stolen document scandal. Do we have a name for that? Something ending in “gate” no doubt? I titled an earlier drawing “Mar-a-Uh-Oh,” maybe I’ll stick to that.

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